Posted in May 2012

Eat Shop Shoot

Finally I got three days off my work to go down to Sunway College in Subang Jaya to have a look at the campus. Mummy had been nagging at me for putting this college issue away again and again, coz I was being super indecisive (typical typical bad uncle attitude of mine) about what to … Continue reading

May Thirteenth

Hello folks! Mother’s Day was about a week ago, so how was your celebration with your loved ones? As for me, I haven’t been able to celebrate this special occasion on the day itself with my Mummy Dearest, no thanks to work. 😦 Luckily my bro was back to accompany her for dinner (but I … Continue reading


Post ahead is bloody wordy and loooooong. And useless. And DUMB. And mind you, it’s gonna be traumatizing. So, if you don’t feel like wasting your precious time or straining your eyes, you’ve been warned notified. Ok start of my useless uncle stories. I have a gazillion nicknames. That is a well known fact among … Continue reading