Posted in June 2012

Revelations of An Ex-Hotelier

YAY! Yours Truly has finally resigned from work and is allowed to spill ALL the beans! (I think) Anyway this is gonna be an article-like kinda thing and I bet you it’s gonna be long, but hopefully, worth reading. Since many people kept encouraging me to write it *ehem* I don’t think I’ll ever publish … Continue reading

Russian Red

Had anyone asked me what kind of music I am into, my answer would be, “I listen to Chinese songs.” (I’d have to admit Leehom plays a big part in this, coz I listen to him most of the time, if not all the time).¬†And then what greets me next would be : okay : … Continue reading


My farewell party for my last day at work. Mews Cafe @ Muntri Street. Funny how I passed by this place everyday consecutively for five months, yet I’d never realized how really beautiful this place was. George Town is just such a ‘legendary beauty’. What a pity I’ll be leaving soon. Okay this is not … Continue reading

Last Sunday

Some quickie on last week: NARCISSISM LEVEL: ASIAN BLINDING VAIN PICS AHEAD. Gotten a new hair colour. Chopped of the bangs I tried so hard to keep long for months. Did a treatment to get rid of my hay-like-hair. But it was way too bright I turned out to be ‘angmoh’. Because apparently my mum’s … Continue reading