Guess the title of my post ain’t going to fit into my little update. Haven’t been posting for some time… Many things happened, and of course it’s not gonna be ‘lately’ updates only. Oh well. College started. Total new phase for me. New surroundings, new friends, new things to learn and all. Did not fit in well on the first week I came to this new foreign place. Even after orientation I felt so miserable, although not as lonely already. Had trouble adapting, was so extremely homesick and didn’t have the time to blog although I wanted to rant out my frustrations badly. When I hear my mum’s voice I just felt like crying but I had to choke back my tears coz I simply cannot let her down, after all her efforts and money spent on me putting me through college. Not to mention the depressing laggy line in hostel. Just totally dampened my mood when I had the time. So yes, had time, no mood, and had mood, no time.

Anyway I think it’s good that I didn’t blog when I was in the bad mood. May have sent out too many negative vibes eh? Now that I’ve adapted, and yes, entering the third week, I guess it’s safe to say that I am already on my way there. Getting used to my new life (sort of) already. Humans need to grow up anyway. Talking to a few my close knits really did help a lot.  And I think I owe it to  Turtle, whom I treat all the while as my soul sister (she’s really older than me by one year) who largely contributed as the main source of my sudden pump of optimism. She told me happiness is everywhere, and it’s up to you to go and look for it. If I am to make myself emo and miserable, nobody can help me anyway. So, yarro. I’m keeping that in mind. And I’ll stay strong for the sake of my mother. Wanna do her proud, and get that freaking full scholarship to continue my degree (yeah thinking very far but without a goal I’m like direction-less).

I think I actually grew up a lot only in this short period of time. Previously, I didn’t know the transition between secondary school and college could be fit into such a short period of time, in like what? A mere two-week period. And to be completely honest, before I entered college, I imagined myself working hard and adapting so well and being independent and all. Coz all the while, I THOUGHT I AM strong enough to handle anything. I’ll not be a freaking miserable bitch who does nothing but whine her way through the entire day. But the first week proved that what I imagined was completely BULLSHIT. I felt so lonely, so lost, so…. ANGRY. I don’t even know why I was angry. And meal time was a wreck. I merely shoved food down my throat, not because I wanna eat, but to prevent me from feeling hungry later, which I DID NOT even had the chance to experience. (Don’t worry I’m not anorexic whatsoever, not even close to depression). I thought it was because I’m worried not being able to handle stuff (then later on I found out coz I was homesick lah TT).

And only second week through college, I never knew I could miss my mum SO MUCH. Sounds like a freaking crybaby hor. But trust me, I was never like the type who’d miss my mum or call home when I was away from home previously. Then I started to miss all my friends, and my entire family and realized what the phrase Home’s Best really meant. Realized how much I took my family and friends for granted previously. Learnt how much everyone in my life meant to  me. I sound like I’m compiling my own philosophy book but trust me it’s true. I learnt all these in a mere two-week period. It’s a good thing, actually.

Now that I’m entering the third week, I am proud to say that I am so much more happier and positive and pumped up for college!(maybe not tonight while I am typing this just finished up some English research. Had to listen to some interview about the tsunami in Japan last year for about 35 minutes on Youtube and that freaking Japanese’s English is so japanesey TT) So many things are beginning to pickup, and I am trying to be grateful and treasure every moment now, since college is supposed to be the best time in everyone’s lives. And oh, reading this book really does keep me aware of my emotions:

Previously found out about this on Xiaxue’s blog and was lucky one of my coursemates have it. It’s real hard to practise everything stated, but I am trying my best 🙂 oh wait it says your thoughts control your life. Damn. I just said something negative. Ok I take my words back. I WILL BE A POSITIVE PERSON!

Depressing lengthy uncle philosophy apart, here are some bright parts about college. Actually right, just being in Sunway College is already a blessing for me. The location is like, perfect (at least to me). I mean, what more can I ask for? My mum works so hard to put me through college, when other people are like applying for all the scholarships and maybe cannot even get one and their family could not afford to send them to good colleges/ universities. And I am staying within the vicinity of Bandar Sunway, everything is reachable by foot, I have one of the largest shopping malls to go to after classes every day (if I choose to) which only takes me 8 minutes. In the weekends I could even go to Sunway Lagoon theme park and have fun if I want to (and please lor MTV World Stage was held there just last weekend. I didn’t attend lah coz I was back at Penang). But oh! On the first Friday I was there, Min Yee brought two of my friends and I for London Musical… FOR FREE!

Two of my new friends. Left one is Bella from Indonesia and she’s only like 16 and in college liaw. No lor she’s young I’m NOT OLD. And Lilian on the right is le catwoman (pun?) from Sarawak! Anyway this one is the free shuttle mini-bus-which-looks-like-a train to bring us to the stage of the musical (explains the blurriness of the photo my hands are not shaky ok)

I look horribly terrible (vegetable English :P) here so yarro I put small small can liaw 😛

So dark TT supposed to be a freaking nice picture with good lighting and all coz they had 15-minute break and so all the spotlights were turned on. But we were too carried away talking and by the time the camera was clicked the lights went off because they were resuming already. AIYA!

This was like Min Yee’s favourite scene lol. HIAO. Actually no lah. She went back earlier coz she had to catch the train back to Penang and she mentioned she likes the ‘bedroom’ so I took this picture for her hehe.

This was one of my favourite costumes. So pretty!

The guys were like ZOMG H.A.W.T. And by that I think you know which I meant 😛

Closing scene. The costumes were all so pretty! Don’t even remember the last time I watched musicals lol. Was so long ago.

And my old ‘un-smart’ phone finally decided to break down (I’m still very sad I really love my old phone) just when I’m at a new place and need my phone the most. So my mum was damn worried I’d be kidnapped and got no phone to call her so she couldn’t wait till I go back home hence she bought me a phone straightaway and asked Min Yee to bring it back here for me. So touched TT

Smart phone makes a noob like me noob-er. SERIOUSLY ONE.

Then I went back to Penang the following week for my (hopefully) last practical piano exam. I shall not comment any further but just hope for the best. Speaking of this, I dreamt that I’ve got a distinction in the exam last night. I got 300 marks. HAHAHAHA. (for those who didn’t catch the supposed-to-be-pun, the highest mark for distinction is only 150. So yeah.)

Also celebrated my popo’s birthday with the whole family. Been some time since we’ve had family gatherings.

After returning home I felt so much better, since classes commenced and I have more things to do and ditract myself so less time in my hands to think about nonsense.

And things only start to get better! On Wednesday, one of my coursemates, Kimi, she asked Lilian and I if we would like to go watch The  Dark Knight Rises as she has got PREMIERE TICKETS because she’ll not be able to go at night as she has got a Jap language test at night. And best part was…. IT’S FREE!!! Please lor tell me what could be better than that. Lilian and I readily said YES! And Kimi, I couldn’t thank her more. She was the one who actually queued up to retrieve the tickets early in the morning at 9-ish before the mall’s even open when Lil and I actually just sat there camwhoring :X :guiltyface:

Oklah it was only me sitting there from the beginning. Lil went to stand with them for a bit. :X And please look at the kiasu crowd!!! I think they were already there from 9am.

Premiere!!! Super excited. Not to mention I didn’t have to queue up AT ALL and I got to watch the most anticipated movie a day earlier than the others 😀 First time in my life. Wahhh just realized I experienced so many first times ah in two weeks LOLOL (even this picture’s captured using my new phone’s camera for the first time!) And it was in the IMAX room. I had no idea what room was it until I entered and went :OOOOOO *vomits rainbow* The screen was so freaking ginormous ok! And the row of the seats quite far way from one another so no buggers who’d kick my seat while I’m happily watching my movie 😀

Then the next day we celebrated Lil’s birthday for her by eating more ‘atas’ food than the usual hawker centre food. #thrifty

Bella made her a ‘party hat’ with the self-order list. Looked more like the painting man HAHA.

Plus, sales was (still IS) everywhere in Sunway Pyramid. Then on Saturday actually planned to go to Mid Valley with Bella and Lilian, but I wasn’t feeling well when I woke up, so the two came back to Pyramid to accompany me after they returned from Mid Valley ❤ So went to shop for Mummy’s birthday gift 🙂

Yeah I was looking freaking under-dressed and I didn’t even bother to put on makeup :XX because I didn’t know they’d rush back to accompany me ❤

Later on at night went for dinner with them again. Bella’s housemates joined us and so yay to more new friends.

I have absolutely no idea why so many people ‘like’-ed this photo after I uploaded it on facebook. My caption was ‘eat eat eat’ but then if anyone realized there’s no more food actually. The table’s so unflattering and all lol. But talk about eating everyone’s interested eh?

Later on two Aleana(s) came to join us for gossip session until midnight. I reached my hostel 1 minute before the ‘curfew’ starts lol.

Fail self-timer shot.

And this crazy girl Bella, she used up six freaking polaroid cam films just over ONE dinner. AT THE KOPITIAM ONLY. But the pics with the ‘bubbles’ pretty right?! 😀 Those were actually ceiling lights! 😀

So basically that’s all about my life for now. There’s another story which made me feel SUPER DUPER LUCKY AND THANKFUL AND HAPPY. Will share it in detail in another post. Hehe tactic to make you guys keep reading. #shameless

p/s: I know I mentioned ‘little update’ at the beginning of my post but excuse me, couldn’t help it when I start typing. So much to express. Aiya… BIASALAH. UNCLE MAH. 😛


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