2012 in a nutshell and new year resolutions! (well close enough)

HOLA EVERYBODEH! I’m actually pretty sure I am greeting a bunch of non-existent readers, considering the fact that I went idle for so long.

Because it feels rather weird not doing something mainstream on a New Year’s eve like having expensive dinners in some atas hotel or restaurants, squeezing with many other people in countdown concerts or going through massive jams to get to the island in the previous years, I’ve decided to do something else to make up for it. Explains why I’m being so hardworking at this moment, hugging my Famous Amos chocolate cookies like they’re my life, munching away happily (not too sure about post-eating though).

Too much crap as usual. So, looking back at 2012, I think it was a very very good and productive year! Not to mention a lot of drama also lah. But you know how those cliched uncle lines go, “Focus on the good, forget about the bad and move your arse on.” Ok the last part I add one. And actually the part where I’m supposed to grow a year older and move nearer to 20 years old makes me damn hesitant. So here’s a list of good things that happened in two-O-one-two to keep me reminded to stay positive and grateful! (coz apparently the world didn’t end boo-hoo why am I so mainstream)

Gotten myself my first job in my life. Met a whole lot of new people (in fact the most in my entire life I think). Realised the BIGGEST DREAM in my life. MET LEEHOM. TWICE. OMG *HYPERVENTILATES. DIES. REVIVES. REPEATS CYCLE.* Met Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and freaking pinned a corsage for him. SO MUCH WIN. Got into college. Left home to stay in hostel. Learned to survive all alone and be independent *coughs*. Made new friends and found my ‘new’ family. Survived without TV (finally cured my TV addiction a bit touched wtf). Joined my FIRST Famine 30 and went hungry for 30 hours and surprisingly I didn’t die. And met Leehom the second time ❤ ❤ Joined Muay Thai which was another thing I had wanted to do for so long and learned to kick asses. let people kick my ass. Experienced dancing the Sarawakian traditional dance ngajat and donned myself in their super pretty costume. Joined my first debate in college and won. SHOW OFF. MEH. PASSED MY GRADE 8 PIANO. Like finally :’) Pledged to become an organ donor 😀 wanted to donate blood too but my iron count was too low that day 😦 Went on the first road trip with college mates and totally had such a good ‘adventure’. Acted in my first short film (my dialogue was just me groaning in pain and having spasms after being stabbed to death). Volunteered at Kechara Soup Kitchen (go Google if you don’t have any idea about it). A very good eye opener.

Yeah I guess that’s pretty much it. I’m getting boring going on and on about unimportant stuff. Oh before I forget! New year resolution.

MARRY LEEHOM. Just kidding. Okay maybe not I do wanna marry him.

I have no idea what my new year resolutions are actually. Sleep earlier maybe? Or graduate pre-u smoothly (guess this is achievable). Earn some money to go travel. Go backpack travelling after graduating pre-u. Ok this is getting boring too.

Thanks for reading (if there is any) and have a blast! (although until now I don’t know what that simply means because if it’s me I don’t wish to explode).

HAPPY TWO-O-ONE-THREE EVERYONE! 🙂 Go partayyyyyy! Ok time to continue munching my chocolate cookies 😀

p/s: And oh I’m sorry there’s no pictures. Will blog about all that I’ve mentioned soon. With pictures. If I decided to be ‘productive’. We’ll see. 🙂


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