Posted in February 2013

False Hope

So after making us go all gung-ho and all the excitement and all the shopping and the plannings and the time and money we put into the prom, they told us it was CANCELLED. CANCELLLEDDDDDDDD. WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL?!! FUUUUUUUUU MANNNNNNN!!! I DON’T EVEN…!!! And I thought I’d have the chance to attend my very first … Continue reading

Shopping for Prom

Gotta love sem 3. Not too sure if I would love the work load though but I have got a super nice schedule to begin with. Three weekend days for me coz I have no classes on Fridays! Whee~~ Must be due to the sufferings I’ve went through for sem 2 with the horrible schedule … Continue reading

CNY update

OMG it’s already the 6th day of CNY while I am typing this. Why must good times fly by so fast. I haven’t even enjoyed enough of my TV yet and I’ll have to return to the hostel in 2 days. And face my sem 2 results. NOOOOO. Ok I think I should stop being … Continue reading