CNY update

OMG it’s already the 6th day of CNY while I am typing this. Why must good times fly by so fast. I haven’t even enjoyed enough of my TV yet and I’ll have to return to the hostel in 2 days. And face my sem 2 results. NOOOOO. Ok I think I should stop being depressed. And depressing. Little update. Just came back from Shah Alam! Dropped some of my stuff in the hostel on the way there. YAY. No heavy luggage walking through the canopy walk for 10 minutes when I get back with the bus Β (yes yes I know what is a 10-minute-walk but it’s a VERY LONG journey when you have a 12kg luggage bag and another four other bags to carry with you).

Sorry as usual I must have my long windy introductory paragraph story before proceeding to the main topic. High school essay fever still with me lolol. Bear with me. Actually my CNY is pretty much mundane. Almost same routine every year so yeah you get it. But shall not complain coz that’s how I get money rollin’ in by just eating and enjoying myself, like, literally JUST eating and enjoying. And also by bursting through people’s doors (hey you don’t always have chances rolling in like this), shouting a few nice wishes and placing my bum on people’s sofas like a boss. Β Being a ‘kid’ during CNY is a better job than being Santa Claus who only works for once a year man.

I didn’t take much pics (actually it’s almost no pics at all except for my super vain pics you’re gonna be seeing below) on the first and second day. Too busy going in and out I was so worn out and totally have no mood lol.

DSC08646Day 1 outift. Actually no one cares lol. Outside my paternal grandma’s house. I look super perverted. My uncle smile wtf.

DSC08649Freaking love my gold hair cuff from H&M.

DSC08660 DSC08662 DSC08675 DSC08686My vain pics among the many other vain pics lol. So glad I got those sunnies from Kitschen after contemplating for so long. They go well with almost anything. And my clutch. ONLY FIVE BUCKS WTF. I love Cotton On. When they have sales. πŸ˜€

DSC08689My shoes on day 2. Ugly socks I know. But I have sweaty feet what to do 😦 At least they are not smelly this way. Justifying too much wtf.

DSC08715 DSC08719 DSC08731Hiao lah hiao.

Then at night we had this massive party at my paternal grandma’s side. More like wedding dinner omg. Unfamiliar faces everywhere. All karaoke-ing until the whole kampung can hear. And A LOT of alcohol. Β And the not-to-be-missed steamboat. It was my 3rd round for the night.

DSC08734See see. This was only one quarter of the crowd. And that’s my eldest uncle btw. Probably the only face I know in this pic haha.

Ended up not eating coz had dinner earlier at my maternal grandma’s and uncle’s. So went home early to rest instead. And honestly I am actually VERY, VERY afraid of drunkards. I just really dislike them. Bad bad experiences I had when I was still singing for my band.

Then came third day and things started to get a little brighter πŸ˜€


DSC08768Dinner at my place with the ‘old’ friends πŸ™‚ Gossip time’s always the best hehe.

Went down to I-City in Shah Alam on the fourth day. Pretty place. But honestly a bit disappointed coz kinda expected it to be better lol. And oh. The parking system’s HORRIBLE. So damn confusing.

DSC08777My family members. (get it get it? πŸ˜€ )
DSC08782 DSC08785 DSC08787This is super pretty! But too bad it’s too bright and my camera’s not those canggih-manggih type enough cannot see my face 😦DSC08797 DSC08798*blows kisses*
DSC08806I craved for Ochado’s Fresh Milk Matcha so much that I was desperate enough to spend 7 bucks on this green milk tea in this weird cone shaped container. I thought this really tasted like the chinese powder medicine TT

A very old family friend helped us book this room at Empire Hotel. The room was beyond awesome for its price. Designs were unique, facilities were impressive and it was soooo spacious. And most importantly, the room itself has gazillion ginormous mirrors around for me to camwhore around. The whole hotel is filled with gigantic mirrors too. I just like it a lot πŸ˜€


DSC08813I have really fat thighs. Thank you ah muay thai. Actually no. Just finding excuse. They were a result of genes + MAINLY couch potato-ing.DSC08816H&M boots. This has got to be one of my favourite pair. Soooo comfortable.Β DSC08823Bigass bag for lazybummers like me. Just throw everything in hehe.
DSC08825Head to toe in H&M. Those short legs urgh. Sorry so ranty. Really couldn’t stand it. More yoga perhaps.DSC08837Buckingham bangle that I have forgotten about. From my ex-colleague. The others I got them from Sungei Wang. Super cheap also πŸ˜€
DSC08843Lol someone asked me if my Chinese zodiac’s horse. WHY. DOG CANNOT WEAR PONIES MEH lol. I mean, not dog dog lah. You get what I mean.
DSC08845Last pic the day.

Woke up super late the next morning coz went to visit Mummy’s friend at 11.30pm at night and came back at almost 2. Most probably the latest ‘bai nin’ I’d ever gone to. And she served us white wine… so, yeah I guess it made me sleepier? Hurried for the check-out at 12 noon so yeah I didn’t get to ‘fully utilize’ the mirrors in our room. But it’s okay. We have the washroom. Hahah.
DSC08846Even the washroom’s so pretty!DSC08847This is baaad. I didn’t realise how shaky my hands were.

So yeah I guess that pretty much summed up my cny this year? More like a show off and syiok sendiri post hor. Very sad I wouldn’t be staying home long enough till day 8 for the ‘bai ti kong’ day. Anyway, wishing everyone a good year ahead! Although holidays are sort of officially over, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! πŸ™‚ It’s always a holiday if you think it is πŸ˜‰


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