Shopping for Prom

Gotta love sem 3. Not too sure if I would love the work load though but I have got a super nice schedule to begin with. Three weekend days for me coz I have no classes on Fridays! Whee~~ Must be due to the sufferings I’ve went through for sem 2 with the horrible schedule with a 5-hour break and 3-hour break respectively every Monday and Tuesday so now I earned myself some good karma lol. So decided to go shopping for the upcoming prom this Thursday (OMG CAN’T WAIT!) in KL with the gang. Had so much fun! And spent so much money TT I didn’t see that coming. I was not supposed to shop coz I had already gotten my prom dress. But nevermind shopping always comes first lol. Not many pictures though. Coz we were all busy shopping 😀

Went to get my Birkenstocks at Lot 10 but as usual they’re out of stock. I have no idea why. They sell better than hot cakes. Anyway I ordered for a pair of mint-coloured ones. Can’t wait to get my hands (or feet) on them! Then we went for binge-shopping in H&M lol. Including the guys. Spent almost 80 bucks on accessories alone. That’s it. I’ll be having oats for all my meals for the entire week.

DSC08900I don’t need an extra hair clip but I liked it so much I bought it anyway. No self control 😦DSC08861

DSC08862In Zara. Of which the stuffs we cannot afford.

DSC08864Heading to Sephora

DSC08867Girls 😀

DSC08871LOL @ Bella and Tsu Sin. Looks as if they’re lesbo-ing hahah.

Everyone got something from the shopping trip. And I think we went to almost all the outlets in Bukit Bintang. What an accomplishment lol. After shopping, Bella initially suggested that we go to Jalan Alor for our dinner, but I don’t know how miraculously we ended up here just because James ingeniously suggested we have dinner at ‘somewhere nice’.

DSC08893Publika. THIS. From the initial JALAN ALOR. LOL. I already pictured myself eating those street food then I sort of had to adjust myself to imagine the atas dining. And also the money in my wallet depleting.

DSC08877Dined at Fat Boys.

DSC08886 DSC08887DSC08881Bella’s chicken something soup.DSC08885 My typical glass of iced lemon tea.DSC08888and Jamaican Me Hungry. Yes that’s the name of the burger.

Fat Boys was so awesome. Best burger I’d ever had. And after having it I can only say one thing lor. Do you even call THIS a burger?

9115655-mcdonalds-big-mac-menu-isolated-on-white-studio-shotMcDs you damn cheat.

And below are definitely not the most flattering picture of us girls eating.

DSC08889Sam was practically exclaiming, “AWWWWHH MANNNNN! THIS IS SOOOOO GOOOOOD!” the whole entire time lol. Then proceeds to attacking the burger with her hands. Forget about the virtues of being a girl when it come to food hahaha.DSC08890 This was supposed to be my :sweetjesusface: But URHHHM. I fail in expressions.

I had burgers THREE times in a week omg. Carls Junior, Burger Labs and then Fat Boy’s. And for every one I took I thought they were the best burgers in the world lol. But Fat Boys’ definitely the winner. Even my breath smells like the pork patty now :X BUT. I am SO NOT GOING BACK TO FAT BOYS. Because it’s TOO AWESOME. The serving was soooooo huuuuuugeeeee.  Cannot imagine how I finished up the whole serving at Fat Boy’s man. Ok lah there was a small chunk of pork left. You know that feeling of being overwhelmed by too much food in your stomach you wanted to puke? It’s not a good feeling. It’s a good burger I know. And I am supposed to enjoy it. So when I actually feel very overwhelmed I wanted to puke I don’t like that. I feel GUILTY for feeling so although I am having awesome food. So yeah. No more Fat Boys!

And I think it’ll be a while before I could take a bite on another burger again #burgophobia TT I also can’t help but to wonder how long will it take before I turn into a burger myself. They say prevention is better than cure. So I must avoid that. Coz I don’t want my name to be Big Mac. or Fat Girl. Sorry very ungrateful kid I know kids in Africa’s starving. 😦

Other random pics that night:

DSC08873Tsu Sin and Bella the Awesome. And hot. Quotes herself lol.DSC08875 DSC08891Kimi the 11% Japanese haha.

And oh. This girl. We were in Typo fiddling with the stuff there and as usual there were many things that caught my eye lol. When I say many it means everything lol. Coz Typo has got all the awesome unique stuff and notebooks. So there was this pencil case which I said I’d get if I had more cash. But I just merely mentioned it lah like how I always do. Then I went to the toilet with her. I left my bag with the others. And I was super stupid to only realize it much later when we were on the way to Uniqlo an envelope was sitting right in my bag. And when I opened it:

DSC08899She got it for me TT WHY SO NICE ONEEEEE. She told the others to put it inside my bag while we were away. Not to mention it was the first surprise I had in my entire life. True story. Super touched please. I really almost teared. It wasn’t even my birthday or whatever special occasion. THANK YOU KIMI SAN. 愛しています. AISHITEMASU! (Not just because she got the pencil case for me ha.)

I had a really great time. Suddenly I have this sentimental feeling about everything. Thank you all my friends! Half a year ago I was still the miserable, lonely and bored girl in college and then you guys came into my life and brought so much laughter and happiness.  Thank you for fetching me around, try ALLL the good food around and most importantly just being there to hang out and support me and not make me feel like I am forever alone. I FEEL SO LOVED. OMG SO CHEESY. But I really feel so. Ok lah stop liaw. Don’t wanna blog until I cry.


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