False Hope

So after making us go all gung-ho and all the excitement and all the shopping and the plannings and the time and money we put into the prom, they told us it was CANCELLED. CANCELLLEDDDDDDDD.


And I thought I’d have the chance to attend my very first prom in life. All the excitement. The anticipation. You know how it feels like? It’s like your parents promised you a Bugati if you study hard enough and score well in your exams. Then you worked super hard for it. Then when you got your best results your parents tell you, TADAAA! Here’s your Kancil! THAT feeling. Okay I know no relevance at all I suck at analogies. But you get me.

While it is not entirely the organisers’ fault (I heard), it still feels better to have somebody to be pointed fingers at. It makes me feel better to have someone to curse at. Scold. And rant. And scream. Okay Ivy, cool. CHILL. CHILLLLLL. You’re not the worse. Think about the others. Who bought blazers. Dresses. Heels. You only bought accessories.

But it still costs a bomb!”

“Shut up.”

p/s: On a second note, I don’t mean what I say. It just feels better to rant out. I mean no harm. I just need to release that’s all. I am not even that angry anymore. But rather feel more disappointed than pissed.

p/p/s: Alyona’s planning a poolside party instead. I hope we at least succeed in syiok sendiri-ing. Ya. Okay.

p/p/p/s: Sorry for sending out negative vibes. Should have given warning ahead. My bad.


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