Snippets @ College

Already in my last sem for pre-u. Was arranging my photo folders on my lappie and came across pictures from the past sems. Part of me is excited to graduate but another part of me do not want this to end so quickly. The past few months have been my happiest months in life so far. I had really great times with great company around me. Don’t really remember the pics in chronological order though but here are they!

2012-07-26 14.03.41DSC07586Missed doing Lil’s hair while waiting for classes to start.
2012-08-15 20.21.06Our favourite place for dessert was closed down in Pyramid. What a pity. 2012-08-15 20.25.23The yummylicious Strawberry Loh. Which apparently makes humans like Alena get super super high without fail every time.
2012-09-06 20.51.59Our first makan session together. Steamboat was one of our most expensive ‘luxuries’ back in sem 1. As of now…. don’t even mention it. Having good food at least once  every week thanks to Dickson. I’ve lost count on how many times we had steamboat. From Sunway area all the way to Sri Petaling. I wished I was as thrifty like I was back then.2012-09-07 11.17.59Lancaster University’s workshop with us. Was probably the best one-day workshop I’d attended. Had loads of fun!
2012-09-07 13.54.42You’d probably guessed how old this was. Gangnam Style was still a big hit. Now…. big shit. So 2012 I mean.
2012-09-13 12.47.38Our first formal wear presentation for math. The happiest day in my life living as an imaginary air stewardess with my pathetic height of 154cm. Ok lah. 158 cm with heels.
2012-09-14 18.13.32Alena A’s ballroom dance performance. Went to cheer for her. More like embarrassing her with my monkey screams actually.2012-09-15 12.49.39Happens so I was damn lucky the day Jin from JinnyBoyTV came to film in La Madeleine with his crew. He looked super serious.2012-09-15 12.50.41Stalk gao gao!2012-09-16 01.41.54Always told people to sit in the boot whenever we run out of space in the car. But never thought that one day we’d have to resort to that for real. So now if you guys have ever been told to ‘sit in the boot’, I figure you could still do it like a boss laying down like this. 2012-09-20 17.19.55I got to be an unofficial Iban for a day for a Ngajat performance for a programme for orang asli. Loved the traditional costume. It was super heavy though. Can’t imagine those who put on the full set.
2012-09-20 17.48.31The real Iban and the pirated version.2012-09-25 14.12.23I have horny classmates.2012-09-27 15.25.42My impromptu painting for Critical Thinking class. The theme was Euthanasia. I thought I did a pretty good job. I deserve the unabashed award I award to my unabashed self. Considering the fact that I haven’t held a painting brush ever since the Arts subject disappeared from my life in Form 4. 2012-09-27 15.33.41All our paintings on the class wall. Foundation in ARTS indeed. Hmm.DSC07517Our first shopping trip to KL together during the opening of Malaysia’s very first H&M. DSC07584 DSC07585Disgusting jelly beans Lil conned us into eating early one fine morning in sem 1. Not to mention it was disgustingly pricey too. I actually wondered how disgustingly one knows how disgusting grass and earthworm tastes like. Disgusting. Ok I should shut up already.

DSC07581Last day of sem 1.DSC07589First drinking session after sem 1 finals. Which also resulted in my very first miss-the-bus-back-home the following morning.DSC07737Beginning of sem 2. Dessert time with the gang after FIA’s Talent Time.DSC07745 DSC07746Moustache fever in Mass Comm class. :{)
Sneakers Day for the gang. We didn’t even plan it haha. And don’t ask me why the cup’s sitting there. Apparently Dickson says it makes the whole thing appear more artistic. Does that even make any sense?DSC07798 DSC07799 DSC07849First road trip to Melaka!

2012-11-11 14.15.10Durian mochi that Gordon bought us from Ipoh. It was so ZOMGWTFBBQ GOOOOOD. MANNNNNNNNN. 2013-01-09 12.05.36 FIA January intake’s orientation. Seniors already.*cough cough*2013-01-23 20.40.21The girl who was so afraid of watching a Thai horror movie (which turned out to be a big joke) that she brought all her plushies with her into the cinema. DSC08562And we’ve reached the end of sem 2 😥 Where did time even fly to TT2013-02-18 13.33.49Red Chilli Extract. OOH LALA!! Before you jump into conclusion and say that I am horny…. it was actually a misplaced ad for some slimming gel. Which happens to have the same RED bottle in front of the also red bottles of Durex. Talk about mindfuck. 

2013-02-18 16.03.30So after desperately trying for a gazillion years I could finally do this without any hairbands or hairpins. I blame it on my thin sparse hair for taking me such a long time. So much win.  2013-02-19 20.52.40Burger Labs. OMNOMNOM. 2013-02-26 13.22.49 2013-02-26 13.30.17Too free while waiting for the transitions of classes so I did the waterfall braid for both Kimi and Sam. Super fail. 😥2013-02-26 13.53.40The only biggest hair accomplishment of my life: Triple braids. But do ignore the gigantic out-of-place hair clip. We ran out of hair bands. 😦2013-03-04 16.32.09Appleciation Day. So I am appleciated. Thank you. So much love ❤


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