I’m the proud owner of TallBigTree and my name’s Ivy. Born on the 25th of March 1994, an extremely indecisive 18-year-old Arien, who doesn’t know which colour to pick for her T-shirt. Adores Wang Leehom to goodness-knows-what-extend and self-claims that he is my husband. It is pretty obvious that I am a shameless person (in case anyone hasn’t noticed). Loves the outdoors but pretty much of a homer deep inside my heart. A pretty socially-awkward person but talks non-stop like a machine gun with people I am comfortable with, LOUDLY like an UNCLE would in a kopitiam. Also, i possess what you call the ‘lame power’, and is a master of ILJs (Ivy’s Lame Jokes) where every joke I crack can make humans freeze to a -80 Celsius. Loves watching tv, especially TVB dramas! Enjoys music, favours oldies, and listens to weird music which no one else does, especially extremely slow ballads. I still enjoy my occasional dose of pop music though! 🙂


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